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David’s new show opens on Thursday 24th November and is titled Lost then Found – the art of the Road Trip

Taking an interest in art very early at school David Hurwitz always sat and drew for hours and hours. Born in South Africa and moving from South Africa to Melbourne at four, he went through different phases of drawing, ‘months of just sharks, helicopters and motorbikes’ he laughs. He agrees, that without realising it he was already going through an artistic phase. While undertaking art throughout school he never really considered art as a serious occupation.

In 2001 David held his first show in a café in the city, ‘I invited all my friends- I think I sold one painting’, he adds smiling. He admits that once you hold you first show ‘It changes your perspective and the way you approach it (the artwork)… you’re now thinking professionally instead of as hobby. ‘Sometimes its just down right hard work, a labour of love’, joking.

David works with predominantly watercolour, he explains that traditionally watercolour is used for small-scale works, however he decided that if he was to stick with watercolour it had to be different. He says the best way is to invest in the large rolls of paper, ’working big mean I get to amplify my ideas the things that catch my eye around melbourne that can be obscure. Alleyways, buildings, trees, there’s no real thing that he looks for its just a combination. He loves the cross of nature and architecture. So naturally, when he entered the chapel street outdoor artists competition he claimed first prize. The competition ideally was to be undertaken on site taking him two weekends in total.

David’s approach to his work is continual, if he’s not actually painting; he’s mentally painting in his head. When going about life, work and natural surroundings he’s taking mental notes of where to return to. One of his biggest challenges is breaking down ways of seeing, ways of drawing, composition, from and space. He makes note that one of the challenges in painting is innovation. ‘People say everything that can be done in painting is done’. The possibilities are endless, in David’s view. I think that if you look at the world now as in 10 years ago it’s so vastly different. He believes that nothing has been exhausted, everyone’s different, everyone sees the world differently the worlds changing the landscaping is different I don’t try and push the conventional boundaries; I do within their means.




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