Leigh Chiller

  • Little Boxes
  • Cinemascope Landscape
  • Freshwater
  • Forest Window
  • Days Like This


Landscape artist Leigh Chiller credits the art course at Deakin with preparing him for life as an artist. “It was perfect for someone like me who wanted to be an artist. I think it was unique in the way it concentrated on the elite level, the way we see and think and higher-end ideas about art rather than vocational issues,” he says.  Chiller paints expressive abstract landscapes in oils and acrylics. His large brush strokes of bright colour are a journey into the landscape. “I’m interested in light. Landscape is a starting point to creating pictures that are more uplifting experiences for the viewer.” His landscapes are full of movement. There’s wind, the light’s changing, painting’s not about a static view anymore,” he says.  Chiller draws insipiration from his surroundings. In particular, the bush landscape of the Otways, which has had a major influence on his work.  Leigh Chiller’s work is represented in a number of galleries, and various private, public and corporate collections in Australia, Europe, USA and Asia.


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