• Aqueous Swarm
  • Bio Bloom - Poppy I
  • Bio Bloom - Poppy II
  • Orbicular Bloom i
  • Aqua Vitae Drift i
  • Osteoblast Bloom i
  • Aqueous Pulse iv
  • Aqueous Melt I
  • Vitae Field x
  • Aqueous Swarm iv
  • Aqueous Swarm iii
  • Aqueous Field V
  • Aqua Vite Field
  • Life Field iii
  • Aqueous Bloom iii
  • Aqueous Bloom iv
  • Bio Bloom iii
  • Bio Bloom ii
  • Bio Bloom v
  • Bio Bloom iv
  • Bio-Cluster Bloom ii
  • Bio-Cluster Bloom iiI


Jacquelyn Stephens

Contemplating the Microscopic, Sub-atomic and Aquatic
10 – 26 May 2018

Abstracting the microscopic, sub-atomic and aquatic to create paintings that mesmerize with colour & energy. Vast fields of colour and light, that reflect the natural miniscule patterns of the universe and topography of our souls. The aim of the paintings is to trigger an uplifting and contemplative experience.

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