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3 – 27 April

Famed as the guitarist from the Dirty Three, Mick, Turner has been a painter most of his life. Instantly recognizable, his works are mysterious narrations involving a menagerie of iconic characters, moved by and moving in intractable landscapes of gestural marks.  His paintings are well known as the cover art for all seven Dirty Three albums as well as being collected overseas and in Australia.

While Turner’s art has a strong history of naivism, his paintings also have connections to shimmering 19th century impressionism and pop art; the acrylic paint lending a wry flatness to the narration. The events in Turner’s paintings are often dreamlike and illogical, with emotion the overriding focus. Remarkable is Turner’s real engagement with the Australian landscape, depicted as a free, wild place where anything may happen, where the most ordinary of scenes or events can be miraculous or astonishing.

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