• 14. White Waratah
  • 1. Protea Pink Mix
  • 2. Protea Solo
  • 3. Green in Blue Vase
  • 4. Bottlebrush with Silver Vase
  • 13. Protea in White Jug
  • 16. Macro Carpa
  • 17. Flowering Gum
  • 18. Buttonbush
  • 19. Banksia Trio
  • 15 Red Gum
  • 5. Mini White Jug
  • 6. Mini Isopogan
  • 7. Mini Spinning Gum
  • 8. Mini Protea
  • 9. Mini Vase
  • 10. Mini Pink Protea
  • 11. Mini Red Warratah
  • 12. Mini White Wattatah


NativeGray by MaryGray Art

Exhibition 21-30 November 2019
Celebrating her love of nature, colour and all things floral, MaryGray’s first solo exhibition, NativeGray is a collection of mixed media works on dressmaker’s card. 

A quintessentially Australian collection composed of layers of acrylic and soft pastels, these still life abstracts typically capture native blooms in super large scale. 

Inspired by aesthetically arresting compositions found in nature, Mary’s work is abundant with colour and texture, resulting in a transparent quality that is both raw and captivating. Contrasting organic and rough edges with broad brushstrokes of colour, fine detail line-work and instinctive incomplete elements, her signature work is composed of a palette of metallics and soft pastels, combined with vibrant highlights of heavy black charcoal. 

The result is honest and dramatic and invites the eye to explore Mary’s unique perspective of flora native to Australia.

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