‘The Jenny Bannister School of TRASHION’ is a series of educational and hands-on creative fashion sessions and specialised workshops that teach people of all ages and cultures how to create or ‘upcycle’ wearable art/fashion out of trash – ‘Trashion’ if you will.  The themes of ‘community space and engagement’ and ‘environmental issues’ will be touched on, while ‘exploration and of discovery’ will be strongly encouraged in all participants so as to enhance their creative energies.  Found objects and landfill rubbish that have been collected within the COPP municipality, as well as old dustcoats from an industrial laundry, will be used as the materials in a series of ‘free space’ Trashion making sessions and affordable workshops, thus creating a cost-effective, artistically innovative and creatively challenging opportunity for both participants and workshop facilitators alike.

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