Get to and from BRIGHTSPACE

There are so many ways to get to and from BRIGHTPSPACE!


From the city you can catch many different trams, 3, 3a, 67, 16 (16 goes via St Kilda) and if you are at St Kilda you can also get on the 79.

Going back to the city you can go from the St Kilda Town Hall – 16 & 79 trams will take through St Kilda.  If you want to go more directly back to the city, catch the tram from Brighton Road, these will be the 67 and the 3/3a.

Timetable Links:
3/3a Tram:
67 Tram:
16 Tram:
79 Tram:


The nearest station to BRIGHTSPACE is BALACLAVA  which is on the SANDRINGHAM line.  It is an easy walk down Carlisle Street and then around a few bends and you will get to Martin Street, or jump on a tram, best to get off at the Town Hall or if you know you are on either the 3 or 3a you can get off at Brighton Road.

Timetable Link:
Sandringham Train:


There is a bus the goes from Clifton Hill to Elsternwick Station.  It travels from Clifton Hill, along Punt Road then through St Kilda Junction down Barkly Street.  You can either get off at St Kilda Junction or Carlisle Street to catch relevant trams.

Timetable Link:
246 Bus:


BRIGHTSPACE  has recently installed parking stations for up to 10 bikes – so please ride your bike here – but be safe!


There is a designated taxi rank in Carlisle St (near Safeway) but we are always happy to call you a cab or there are also many taxis roaming these areas.


FLEXI-CAR in St Kilda

Acland St [PET] – Residental part of Acland Street, in front of the Church and near the roundabout with Eildon Street.  Blessington St – Located on the Northern side of Blessington Street, Between Herbert and Mitford streets. Close to 7/11 .  Carlisle St x Barkly St – Northern side of Carlisle Street, up from the National Theatre, between Barkley and Acland Streets.  Fitzroy St x Beaconsfield Pde – North side of Fitzroy St, east of the intersection with Beaconsfield Pde.  Fitzroy St x Grey St – 50m south of the Grey Street intersection. Outside burger joint Cone Heads on Fitzroy St.

GREEN CAR SHARE: 30 The Esplanade, St. Kilda