Our Space

BRIGHTSPACE consists of two naturally lit gallery spaces that are an open plan blank canvas and a small dark space – the New Media Room. The rooms can be hired separately, or as a whole. We are predominantly an art gallery but also regularly the space is used for low-key functions, music recitals, and other one off events.

Gallery Specifications:

  • The Window Gallery is a large space with 172.2sqm of floor space, 37.19m of wall space and white plaster walls to the height of 280cm.
  • The Gallery Room is a smaller space with 98.6sqm of floor space, 31.62 m of wall space and white plaster walls to the height of 280cm, with track lighting.
  • The New Media Room is small space with dimensions of 373cm x 393 cm and black plaster walls to the height of 255cm. There is also track lighting in this space.
  • The Gallery ceiling is a combination of metal beams, white plaster and glass.
  • The floor is wooden parquetry with a matte finish.
  • As well as an abundance of natural light, there is plenty of flood lighting available.
  • We have a number of plinths available for you to use.
  • We offer many hanging techniques for your exhibition.

Exhibition Proposals:

  • We accept proposals throughout the year and hold exhibitions of any duration.
  • The standard length of an exhibition is 3 weeks however we are open to shorter or longer times depending on your needs and our availability.
  • We are flexible in being able to provide an opening night that best fits your needs
  • Exhibitions are programmed every six months.
  • Proposals are selected by our exhibition committee and are then scheduled by the Gallery Director.
  • A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your exhibition
  • Please go to “gallery hire ” for information required in your proposal.
  • We are currently calling for proposals for 2017.


We welcome inquiries about exhibiting at BRIGHTSPACE. Please email us on bright@brightspace.com.au or call us on (03) 9593 9366.