• Cystophora retorta (edition of 10)
  • Leather Kelp i Ecklonia radiata
  • Leather Kelp ii, Ecklonia radiata
  • Thuretia quercifolia
  • Plocamium dilatatum, Pink
  • Schottera nicaeensis on Sea Sponge
  • Plocamium dilatatum, White
  • Gracilaria
  • Jania rosea
  • Phacelocarpus peperocarpus
  • Discarded Rope ii
  • Seaweed Still Life i
  • Neptune's-Necklace, Hormosira banksii
  • Discarded Fishing-line
  • Seaweed Still Life ii
  • Corallina officinalis
  • Rhodophyllis
  • Green Sea Fingers, Codium duthieae
  • Rope & Plastic i
  • Discarded Rope i
  • Coastal Spinifex, Spinifex sericeus
  • Oyster Shell


Aquatica by Greg Elms


A selection of Greg’s photographs from his recent Aquatica exhibition are currently being exhibited in the Brightspace New Media Room.


Aquatica is the result of Greg’s three years of ocean foraging, a series of 22 large scale photographic prints, that reveal with incredible detail the beauty in something our coastal dwelling nation barely notices. By giving prominence to the ocean’s flotsam Greg hopes to raise awareness of our marine environment, and how even its most humble of offerings needs preservation.


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