Art by Subjects

21 April – 13 May

Alongside the exhibition of Kantor’s photographic portraits is a second exhibition of the art- works produced by the visual artists who feature in the former. Where possible, most of the artworks were produced during the period Martin documented them – during the 1980s-90s, for magazines such as Tension and World Art, so the exhibition is predominantly an historical archive of what was happening during this richly iconic period of Australian culture, and we can see why and how the artists’ careers developed into the significant place they have in the Australian art world today.

Apart from those listed above, works included are also by: the late Leonard French and Rob- ert Rooney, John Nixon, Jenny Watson, Tony Clark, Mike Parr, Imants Tillers, Sally Smart, the ‘original’ ROAR artists, Philip Brophy, Brett Colquhoun, Brent Harris, Peter Tyndall, Lindy Lee, John Young, Peter Walsh, Vivian Shark-Lewitt, Maria Kozic, Steig Persson, eX de Medici, Jen- nifer Turpin, Dale Frank, Joan Letcher, Kim Westcott, Adam Cullen, James Smeaton, Charles Burns and US artist Jenny Holzer.

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