• Disorder
  • Castles in the Sand
  • Beacon
  • Streams from the sky
  • Awaken the Dawn
  • Falling Water
  • Beyond the Sea
  • After Storm
  • From the Ashes
  • Upwelling
  • Winds of Change




7-24 May

The ambiguous nature of abstract art often begs the question of ‘what’ it is. My works have been described as ‘Glowing landscapes in technicolor;’ hence the title ‘Colourscapes.’

Because my creative process is unplanned and intuitive; articulating it is a difficult task. Layer upon layer, allowing for drips to find their form each work begins it’s journey of conveying an individual story. Each colour informs the next, allowing drying time in between until it is finally completed.

Exploring my inspirations has been a helpful approach to my work. Colourscapes is a visual response to the midcentury modernist aesthetic for it’s timeless and innovative approach to design; particularly architecture.

Are they landscapes, do they represent anything or are they an emotional response to something? Perhaps; I’m not entirely sure however I am happy to leave that open to interpretation…

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