Exhibition opening: Saturday 15 August (3-5pm)

David Porter has a long affinity with the land that surrounds his home in Melbourne, reaching out in his imagination with a number of exhibitions that began with Boundary Road. But not to paint nature as such, the way we normally see it. Rather, to paint his own place within it, to search for a home for the imposter that he believes he is. answering the question of where and how do we belong.
The paintings included in “Scar Tree at Billy Creek” are of a landscape that has long since disappeared. Porter was spooked by an experience that began with the discovery of the scar tree at Billy Creek (near Morwell in Gippsland) and his attempts to save it from disintegration. The Kurnai/Gunai representatives were not interested in his plan to remove the registered/protected tree from the water to try and save it. When he went back it was gone. The previous winter rain had flooded the whole area. The tree was not saved.

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