Double Vision

Curated by Konrad Winkler and W.H. Chong

Exhibition opening: Saturday 9 August (2-5)

9 -30 August

Double Vision is the second in a series of annual group shows curated for Brightspace by Konrad Winkler and W.H. Chong. Double Vision explores how different pairs of artists have come up with chiming visions, mostly from vastly divergent starting points. Hoda Afshar/Dirty Feminist, Katherine Hattam/Sophie Xeros-Constantinides, David Porter/Malcolm Gartside, Carlo Golin/ Jan van Eyck, W.H. Chong/Konrad Winkler, David Williams, Julie Goodwin, Shizuka Nakanishi, Ros Winkler, Graeme Rowe, Michael Porter, Jacob Winkler, Peter Renshaw and Warwick Reeder.

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