Suellen Wilkie


Opening: Friday 20 May

Exhibition: 19 – 29 May

Suellen’s sculpture strives to create a poetic discourse which might encourage the viewer to give compassionate contemplation to the fragility of both human beings and the natural world: to recognize the fractured person in a fractured environment.

The dichotomies of growing up in rural Victoria, living for many years on the Mornington Peninsula, and currently residing in Metropolitan Melbourne, have all contributed to her engagement with issues surrounding nature/culture. The theoretical discussion that is generated by the human manipulation of nature and each other is a key element of her work.

Even in absence, the body is evident in her work, which is usually conceptualised through a process of emotional and visual internalisation.

Drawing on her background in design and experience of industrial materials, Suellen aims through her work to address the universal language of healing, by causing a direct transformation of materials, imbuing them with new life.

By transforming plastic shopping bags, this body of work encourages a dialogue around the complexities of humans and our environment: The shared vulnerability, beauty, damage and resilience.

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