• Batch & Boree
  • Blind House
  • Chimney House
  • Shack Seen From Verandah
  • Windmill House
  • Bath & Humpy Part 1
  • Cobram Catastrphe
  • Steel Humpy




17 July – 2 August

Like 18th and 19th century romantic artists, Fiona Somerville is fascinated by the idea of the ‘ruin’. However her ruins are not the crumbling castles of Britain and France, but rather the detritus of Australia’s more recent rural past. The remnants of shacks, humpys and dongas lying about in our landscape provide her with an endless source of subject matter. While there are no people in her pictures, their presence is always felt. History, memory and observation provide the bones of the story. The only sure thing is the eternal buzzing flies.

Fiona Somerville has been drawing, painting and exhibiting her work for the past 25 years. This is her third solo exhibition at BRIGHTSPACE.  Fiona completed a BA at VCA in 1990 and for the last 5 years has been living in remote areas of Australia.

“A kind of trance was in the air, a sense of awakening infinitely delayed. In the midsummer heat the land scarcely breathed, but the alien white man, walking through the grey and silent trees, would have the feeling that someone or something was waiting and listening.”

– Alan Moorhead’s Cooper’s Creek


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