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Lee Skubiszewski – Hardcore Botanica


Exhibition: 23 May – 8 June 2019

“With the rapid acceleration of climate change & the extinction of so many species of flora, it is timely to think about plant species that can withstand almost anything, as indeed they might need to.
My paintings do not represent an overview of of tough plants, but those included in the collection are truly ‘hardcore’.  Some are brazenly beautiful like the bougainvillea and bird of paradise, while others, seemingly mundane, invite closer inspection. My paintings aim to provide that close inspection, significantly focusing on a variety of succulents.
I took pleasure in my study of these hardy survivors & I do believe the paintings reveal that. The creation of the paintings coincided with the arrival of several grandchildren & it’s likely that the joy they brought into my life is also evident here.
I hope these plants continue to survive for the delight of my grandchildren and the world.”
Lee Skubiszweski 2019



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