• Ilan Ell
  • Danielle Storm
  • JamesTapscott
  • Jasmine Morgan Ryan
  • Marc Pasacal
  • Mathew Woodgate
  • Veronica



Brightspace presents Light+Life,  part of Melbourne Design Week 12 – 22 March 2020

Melbourne Design Week 2020 presents its largest program to date with more than 300+ talks, exhibitions, tours and workshops that explore how design can shape life.

Light+Life Exhibition: 13 – 23 March

Launch Party: Thursday 19 March (6pm)

Of all environmental factors, light and colour are the ones with the swiftest and most significant impact on our wellbeing. Light+Life features immersive light based installations, aiming to engage visitors in a multi sensory journey. A group of eight artists and designers, harnessing design capabilities to produce light based artworks, exploring how light affects us physically, mentally and emotionally.

Light+Life examines new ways of design thinking, employing the immaterial into shape and form, exploring paths to illuminate ideas. The show will display an array of works from meditative, through scientific to aesthetic, weaving light through narratives of life




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