Pichet Wilaipich


Opening: Wednesday 5th March

Exhibition: 5 – 16 March

Photographer Pichet Wilaipich (Pix) has collaborated with stylist Nik Maher, to produce a series of tribal inspired fashion images.

Tribal people connect us to the natural and supernatural world, celestial beings, animals, earth, air, fire, and water. They are respected equals in the world, whose unique traits provide models for living. Native spiritual life knows that all forms of life in the natural world are inter-connected. No distinction is made between the spiritual and the secular, because it is a holistic totality. The Religion Rituals; There is a recognition that rituals focus on personal communication with the divine and spiritual purification. Others often seek “Magical” results, such as healing or to be the strongest warrior.

Pichet Wilaipich was the 2013 recipient of the BRIGHTSPACE/RMIT STUDENT Exhibition Award. Pichet is from Thailand and recently completed his BA in Photography at RMIT.

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