Subject / Matter

8-30 June

Please join us for an opening reception, Saturday 8 June (2-5pm)


An exhibition curated by Konrad Winkler:

  • Ramona Lola Angelico
  • Darren McDonald
  • Michael Porter
  • Chong Weng Ho
  • David Williams and
  • Konrad Winkler

A variety of two and three dimensional works that reveal and pay homage to the material they are working with.

Whilst most of these works have a subject in the traditional sense, the image is never allowed to escape from the underpinnings of the work; the raw linen or red gum beam, plaster, plastic, paper and cardboard all play their part in the creation of the meaning or subject of the work.

This show explores not only the variety of art (or non-art) materials, but also the ways in which the basics of art creation influence and remain a part of the final work, sometimes as the background, and in others as the foreground and the subject of the work.

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